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All About Spiders

Different Spider Species Found in North America



There are about 4000 species of spider known in the Canada and United States. The list below will serve as a guide about the different species of spider you can find in both places most especially in North America.


 Amaurobius ferox - also called as Hacklemesh weaver, this specie is native to Europe but has spread out in eastern and northern part of the United States as well as in southeastern part of Canada, though they are actually restricted to just these areas. This strong spider is usually seen in homes and nearby places, on the other hand, they also live in leaf litter, logs, under the rocks, even in humid as well as in the places. The adult males are disreputable for strolling in the spring. Check out the side of DeadPestz for more discussions.


 Araneus diadematus - also known as cross orbweaver. This spider has acquired its name because of the pattern of the white spots seen on its abdominal area that create a cross patter in most of the specimens. Local in Europe, it was presented for so long ago in North America. It turns the definitive wheel-like orb web, typically sitting with the head down in the center or hub during the night and also during the day. To learn more about spiders, you can visit


Argiope gurantia - also called as yellow and black garden spider, the mature female spiders are huge and their daring and brash black and yellow pattern add to their threatening and daunting appearance. It is usually found in the farms, old fields, forest edges, orchards, and gardens, they turn a definitive orb or round web which is typically embellished with a bold, crisscross band of silk known as stabelimentum.


 Argiope trifasciata - also known as banded garden spider. The female spiders of this species are very huge and with silvery color with legs that are banded in yellow and black. This species can especially be found during late fall and summer in the gardens, meadows, prairies and fields. The circular webs are generated near to the ground amidst the weeds and tall grasses, usually with a zigzag strips of silk running at the center of the web.


Castianeira longipalpa - also called as the ant mimic spider, this outstandingly patterned spider is a strolling and roaming hunter that usually catch the prey during the night, but during the day as well. They live near the ground, in the leaf litter, or under the logs and rocks, but they are also found in the buildings. You can consult experts from DeadPestz on this.